KSG Black Card™

The UK's FIRST and only, truly unlimited, 
luxury men's grooming subscription.

The ultimate experience; KSG Black Card™ members get unlimited haircuts & beard trims every month, plus unlimited Aeon Light™ LED Mask sessions to help eliminate acne, spots and wrinkles.

KSG Black Cards™ Remaining

Looking good,
never looked this easy.

Look and feel your best on your terms and visit us all the time, any time. Membership comes with our Infinity Cut™ guarantee of no conditions, limits, contracts or restrictions, ever.


the top half covered

Not just skin fades & hot towel shaves. Everything neck up; beard trims, touch-ups, cutthroat shaves & more. The rest, we’ll leave to you.


Further than Infinity

We don’t restrict you to just quiet days. For Black Card™ members, when we’re open, you’re welcome.


Face the Facial

Unlimited Aeon Light™ LED Masks and a King Facial each month for after a heavy weekend, or before your mid-week Tinder date.

Two steps forward,
one step Black.

There are no other subscriptions which offer unlimited haircuts and unlimited face treatments with our innovative Aeon Light™ LED Mask each month; used for Acne, Spots, Wrinkles and Uneven Skin tone. 


Yes, it is. 

We know that you should be able to look and feel your best, all the time, any time. This is why each Black Card™ comes with a guarantee of no limits & no restrictions, ever. It’s called Infinity Cut™. 

As many hair cuts you can get in 30 days. This include skin fades, buzz cuts, head shaves etc. As well as all your beard trims, cut throats and touch ups for both.


Unlimited Aeon Light™ LED Masks. Developed by NASA, the LED Mask is for Acne, Wrinkles and Uneven Skin Tone.

Each subscription is rolling for 30 days. If you sign up on the 1st of the month, we’ll collect the first payment on that day and you can use immediately, and then we collect the payment again on your renewal date.

Yes, pause your membership whenever you need to. See us in store or call us to pause your membership. You can then resume, on your terms.

Yes you can upgrade in store to a Black Card™ membership when you’re done with your appointment.

Our current members believe that a physical plastic card is a waste of resources and not sustainable. And because our membership is 100% digital, you book through the app, which verifies your eligibility.

Real review from KSG Black Card™ member.

Every time I leave King Street Grooming, I feel and look great. Unlike many other places (and I have tried a few in and outside Manchester city centre) I'm never rushed or feel like the team are under stress or pressure to make up numbers and appointments.
Black Card™ Member No. 001
Ready for completely unlimited haircuts?

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