The Story Of King Street Began In 1745​

Little do people that the street was originally known as St. James’s Square, but it was renamed in 1745 after the Jacobite defeat. Between 1775 and 1777 Manchester’s first purpose-built theatre, the first Theatre Royal, and a concert hall were built, these were located at the top of the hill, where now sits Rosso Restaurant.  In 1822, Manchester’s first Town Hall was erected, designed by Francis Goodwin and constructed by David Bellhouse.  As the city grew as a result of the textile industry a new larger Town Hall was needed, and this was then constructed on the current site around the corner.  The towers that were once at the entrance to the Town Hall were moved to Heaton Park, where they still stand today.

The Birth Of Something Special On King Street​

The street really began to blossom between the 1800-1900s. In the 1970s there was a mix of financial institutions, beginning at Diesel and Ending with Rosso and office, now and upmarket shopping. In the following years, jewellers, shoemakers and clothing brands gave King Street its unique feel of high-end extravagance.

The Street Today​

Nowadays the destination is known for its yearly festivals, live music and markets. Today it is home to eateries such as El Gato negro, The White Company and in 2021, King Street Grooming set up home, on one of the most famous streets in Manchester. You can find out more about which shops and barbers in Manchester are located on the famous street here.