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Barbers in Manchester offering premium grooming and treatments.

King Street Grooming is a premium Manchester barbers in the city centre and split across two floors. Our premium barbers on the ground floor has an edgy Black and Red look and an exclusive feel for all your skin fades and beard trims.

The first floor is dedicated to treatments, including our Aeon Light™ NASA-developed LED Mask & Brotox.

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Top reviews on Google and our innovative booking system are a testament to our team’s craft. 

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We’re not just a barbers. Our first floor is fully equipped for face treatments & more.

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We never overbook appointments. If you book ahead, our time is your time.

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Out of those surveyed, almost all would recommend us to a friend and return again.

Aeon Light™ LED Mask for Acne, Spots, Wrinkles and Uneven Skin tone.

Used by Astronauts and the Navy SEALS, LED Light Technology (LLT) has been proven to treat a range of skin issues at the source and then leave your skin clearer, fresher and brighter.

Feel a breakout happening and looking to swap your spot creams for LED Photons?

Our Aeon Light™ LED Mask is backed up and proven by scientific data and research to reduce redness, penetrate your skin to kill bacteria and then repair and protect the top layers of your skin further reducing flare-ups.

The session includes a cleanse, 15-minute mask treatment and is finished with a mattifying or brightening moisturiser.

Aeon Light™
LED Mask for acne, spots and
uneven skin tone

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548+ 5-Star Reviews on Google & Fresha.

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King Street Grooming is a premium barbers in Manchester which offers a unique experience, for all your traditional barbering as well as Vitamin B12 Injections, Botox, and face treatments, and our customers can vouch for the premium service.

With over 540+, 5-star reviews across different platforms, including Google, we’re quickly becoming the go-to place for trendsetters, misfits, TV personalities and celebrities of Manchester.