LED Mask targets Acne, Spots,
Wrinkles and Uneven 
Skin Tone.


Used by Astronauts and the Navy SEALS, LED Light Technology (LLT) has been proven to treat a range of skin issues at the source and then leave your skin clearer, fresher and brighter.

Into the darkness of space, 
there's light.

First developed in 1993 to help NASA study and grow plants in space. LED Light Technology is used by astronauts on board the space station studying cell growth, and the most elite forces in the world, The Navy SEALS, who began using it to help regenerate damaged muscle tissues in the combat field.

LED Mask Technology, 
Like No Other.

Feel a breakout happening and looking to swap your spot creams for LED Photons? Aeon Light™ LED Mask is backed up and proven by scientific data and research to reduce redness, penetrate your skin to kill bacteria and then repair and protect the top layers of your skin further reducing flare-ups.

While one session can help flare-ups; just like a regular haircut, Aeon Light™ LED Mask’s are recommended regularly for consistent results.

Light years 
ahead of time.

Targeted nanometer light waves from the LED Mask emit light and energy in the form of protons to penetrate the skin safely and without downtime. First, Activated Blue Ligh targets deep acne. 650 nm Red light then stimulates skin renewal and 590nm Yellow light soothes and reduces redness.

At the start of the session we will prepare your face and cleanse to get it ready for the Aeon Light™ LED Mask. We’ll then leave you in peace while different lights cycle throughout their session to target spots, acne and repair the skin. Once you’re done, a quick, light moisturise and you’re done.

For intense acne and breakouts, once a week is recommend and then for general maintenance, once a month will help keep your skin look tip top.

Yes, we’ve backed up our claims on this page by linking you to reputable sources used in our site’s content.

NASA Research
Navy SEAL Research

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