Trending Men’s Hairstyles 2023

The New Year is a great opportunity to start afresh and try something new. And what better way to reinvent yourself than by getting a great new haircut? It’s one of those things that can make a big difference to your overall appearance, not to mention your confidence.

There are plenty of traditional cuts you can choose from, but if you’re looking to make a splash, then look at getting one of the cuts that’ll be trendy in 2023. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best options available to you. 

Crew Cut Fade

The crew cut fade has been making waves in Manchester, and it’s set to continue into 2023. If you’re looking to get that Phil Foden look, then this is the one you’re looking for! This is short around the sides and slightly longer on top — in fact, you make the top part as short or long as you like, and you can also slick it back or up if you don’t want it pushed forward. 

Undercut and Side Part

There’s something highly sophisticated yet cool about the cut and side part haircut — you’ll find plenty of Spanish, French, and Italians rocking this look, and that’s a group of people who certainly know a thing or two about style. This one is again short around the sides but longer on top and pushed to one side. There are plenty of different ways to wear this haircut, so if you like some variation, then it’ll be the perfect choice. 

The Curly Quiff

If you’re looking for an image to bring to mind for the curly quiff, think ‘Harry Styles.’ It’s neat and not too short around the sides, and then all kinds of curly chaos on the top. You’ll have a lot of hair, but boy oh boy will you look good — plus, all that hair will be ideal for keeping the chilly temperatures of the new year at bay. 

Brushed Up Taper Cut

The raptor cut with brushed-up hair is a great hairstyle for these times, especially if you’re going for that young, cool, and professional look. It’ll need a little bit of maintenance each morning, but if you’re using good products, then your hair will stay neat in place all day long. 

Spiky Military

Have slightly thinner hair that won’t handle longer haircuts? Then the spiky military aesthetic could be the perfect one for you. It’s short around the sides (almost to the skin), with a slightly longer and textured tuft of hair on top. It looks great and is easy to maintain, too. 

Remember, while it’s a good thing to have a vision for your haircut, if you don’t go to the right barbers, then your cut might not come out as you had planned. Here at King Street Grooming, our talented team of barbers have the experience and expertise you need to achieve your desired look.

To make an appointment and get your new look, simply click the ‘Book’ button at the top of this page. We look forward to seeing you in store.

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